Thursday, September 6, 2012

Setup For My Magic Jack Was As Easy As it is Inexpensive

Can I pick a Phone Number for my Magic Jack?

After you purchase your MagicJack phone service upon the setup process you will be given a free phone number upon which you will choose an area code. The area code I got for my Magic Jack was not local for me because I live in a small rural area and not all area codes are available for these small areas. For your new Magic Jack VoIP phone service you will be given the option to choose a phone number form the area code you select.

With the new MagicJack plus you can port your existing phone number to your new MagicJack  phone service. This is not available for the original device. MagicJack phone numbers are not listed in any phone directories and cannot be added to one.
For a small annual fee, vanity or special telephone numbers can be added to your MagicJack phone service.

Paying For My Magic Jack Internet Phone Service


Paying for your Magic Jack, if for the first time, you do have options. When I paid for My Magic Jack back in early 2008 I bought it online directly from their website. MagicJack 30 day money back guarantee is only good if you purchase it directly from their website. All you need is a credit card or bank card and you should receive your MagicJack in about a week (I had mine in 5 days). MagicJack is a VoIP phone service so all you need is a computer, high speed broadband internet and any phone you used with your landline phone service.

Can I use my Magic Jack with a fax machine? 


Most internet phone service providers will have a detailed instruction or answer regarding their internet phone service and faxing. MagicJack  in the past stated that they didn’t recommend and didn’t guarantee that it would work. I found that for the moat part for my Magic Jack it would work fine but once in a while I would have to send it over.

Along with many other improvements they have made to their award winning internet phone service, they now indorse it.
This is directly from their FAQ section of their website regarding fax usage.

“It should work fine.”
“Plug your fax machine into your MagicJack, just as you would normally connect your fax machine to your telephone jack.”

“IMPORTANT!! If your MagicJack is connected to your computer, make sure that "Normal (Hi-Speed)" is selected. Your fax machine will not work if you have selected "Air Card (3G)".

30 Day Trial Period for My Magic Jack

MagicJack 30 day Guarantee
30 day money back guarantee – How it works. Try it for free for 30 days implies there is no charge until the 30 day trial is up.  Customers will see the transaction price debited from their account right away which had some folks up in arms. What is happening is there is a hold put on the amount of purchase until the 30 days is up. If there is now request for refund then the purchase amount goes on to Magic Jack. If you requested a refund before the 30 day trial period is up then the money reappears back into your account. There are no other phone service providers such a straight forward guarantee.


30 Day Guarantee for My Magic Jack From a Retail Store?

The answer to the question, do I get the 30 day free trial guarantee for my Magic Jack if I purchase it somewhere else? Not from Magic Jack themselves, you must get it directly from their website or over the phone through one of their infomercials. If you buy your MagicJack internet phone service from a retail store you still may be able to return it to that store. When buying a VoIP phone service such as Magic Jack from retail stores like Wal-Mart, CVS, or Sears, many fail to inquire about their return policies. Most stores will give you some time to return a VoIP phone service unit such as Magic Jack but you need to find out before you buy because some stores will not take it back if you used it.

So good luck with your new Magic Jack and I hope you have as good of luck and save a tone of money as I did with mine.